This plugin provide a fully customizable 3D model files viewer to embend your models on your WordPress pages or posts. You can load models into WordPress media and then, by using the plugin shortcode generator, you can embed the thingviewer into you pages or posts.

Below you can find a demo of the plugin at work.

WP 3D Thingviewer need Javascript to work.
Please activate and reload the page.

WP 3D Thingviewer need Javascript to work.
Please activate and reload the page.

In the thingviewer you can pan, rotate and zoom the camera (with mouse or with keyboard). A set of option buttons are provided to let you access some useful information.

WP 3D Thingviewer help window button icon

Help window

Help window button to display the mouse and keyboard commands to operate the thingviewer.

WP 3D Thingviewer information window button icon

Info window

Info window button display some useful information about the loaded model, like surface are, volume, bounding box.

WP 3D Thingviewer camera autorotation button icon

Camera autorotation

Camera auto rotation button let you star the rotation around Y-axis of the camera.

WP 3D Thingviewer fullscreen button icon


Fullscreen button let you switch to fullscreen mode. You can go back to the "windowed" mode by clicking on the "close" button.

WP 3D Thingviewer bounding box button icon

Bounding box

Bounding box button display around the loaded model a wireframe bounding box.

WP 3D Thingviewer download button icon

Download button

Download button let the user download the model file from your sit. This feature can be completely disabled or can be enabled the "link cloaking" function, which make difficult to leech the model link.

Customizations of the thingviewer appearance and functionalities can be done from configuration page.

This plugin use the WordPress settings functions to manage the configuration settings, so no external plugin is required.

In the following sections you will understand how to insert the thingviewer into the pages using shortcodes and customize it as you need.

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