Bakground image

You can configure a background image for the thingviewer instead of the single color background. The image must be in 360 Panorama format.

Model preview image

At page load, you can choose to display an image instead of loading the Thingviewer. By clicking on the Thingviewer toggle button you can enable the 3D model viewer.

Gutenberg block editor support

If you use the Gutenberg editor you can insert the Thingviewer shortcode into the page or post with the block editor.
It is always possible to write manually the plugin shortcode or, for those who use the "old" WordPress editor TinyMCE, using the shortcode builder.

Woocommerce integration

You can add a 3D model to your products to sell 3D printed products. Into the product page will be autmatically a button to display the Thingviewer. You can configure the position of the button from the configuration page. A 3D printed product price calculator will be added into the product page, to help the user to calculate the correct price for the 3D printed products.

Mobile devices compatible

The plugin il fully usable on mobile devices.

Multiple thingviewer per page

You can insert multiple thingviewer in the same page, post or custom post. Each thingviewer will have the same configuration (colors, fonts,...)

Support Popup Anything plugin

It is possible to insert the thingviewer shortcode into a Popup Anything modal window.

Support multiple model file formats

The plugin support 3D model in STL (ascii or binary), OBJ , FBX and GLB (with and without textures) file formats.

Plugin configuration page

You can customize the plugin settings usig the configuration page.

Customizable thingviewer appearance

  • fog color
  • model color
  • plane and grid color and transparency
  • bounding box color

Fullscreen display and model file download buttons

You can display a model download button on the thingviewer. It is possible to display the download link as "cloaked": in this way the user can download the model but the bots, crawlers and leecher cannot do this.

Control buttons visibility and appearance

  • background color
  • icon color
  • camera autorotation rotation angle value

Ease of use via shortcode button generator (only for Classic Editor, not for Gutemberg)

The plugin can be used writing manually the needed shortcode or using the shortcode generator. This one is available only for Classic Editor (TiniMCE), not for Gutemberg. On Gutemberg or Elementor it's still possible to insert thingviewer shortcoge manually.

Info window information visibility

    You can customize the data displayed into the model info window. You can show or hide:
  • model filename
  • model size in KBytes
  • model triangles number
  • model surface area in cm2
  • model volume in cm3
  • model bounding box size in cm

Fully translatable via .PO files

You can translate the plugin texts in multiple languages via PO files.

Built on WordPress Plugin Boilerplate by Tom McFarlin

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