Basic Usage

The plugin works with a shortcode.

There are two different uses of the shortcode.
The first one is to use the model URL:

[wp-3dtv model_file=””][/wp-3dtv]

In this way the plugin display a thingviewer that load the selected STL file and let you interact whit this.

You can use the shortcode with the cloaking function, that hide to the user the model and doesn’t allow the model download:

[wp-3dtv model_id=”1234″][/wp-3dtv]

Where “1234” is the media id of the 3D model to load.

Using this syntax the url of the model will not be displayed and it should not be possible to leech the model from the page.

You can move and rotate the camera.

The parameter is are the following:

The thingviewer is always resized at the width of the parent element. The height will be calculated to display the thingviewer in a 16:9 ratio.

The plugin provide a shortcode generator button into TinyMCE content editor to let the user to customize all the parameters.

You can also specify a rotation on the tree axis (if needed) to display the model corretly positioned on the plane:

[wp-3dtv model_file=”” rotation_x=”90″ rotation_y=”” rotation_z=”180″][/wp-3dtv]

In this example the model will be rotate of 90 degrees on the X-axis and of 180 degree on the Z-axis before rendering.
The parameters are:

If a rotation is not specified the model will not be rotated in the axis.

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